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On June 14, 2019, we officially launched the North Powys Wellbeing Programme at two events in north Powys; one in Llanidloes (rural) and one in Newtown (urban).


These two launch events started a series of engagement sessions with residents, staff and partners to listen and learn to what matters most to people in our local communities.


The North Powys Wellbeing Programme aims to transform our health and wellbeing by developing a new model of care for north Powys. By working together with local communities, staff, and key partners we can further understand what wellbeing means to people in either in their home or community, and where health and care services need to be developed or strengthened.

In order for us to start a conversation about the 'what matters most' to our own health and wellbeing, we developed a 'road map' to help take people on a journey to their own home; their wider community; north Powys; and finally access to more acute specialist services that are provided outside of the county.


Using the ‘road map’ we were able to start a conversation with members of the public by firstly asking a few simple questions, for example;


  • What are the type of things/services/factors in your home, your local community, your region (north Powys) or outside of the area that help to keep you and your family well

  • Also, please list a  number of ways that could improve your health and wellbeing – in your home, in your local community, in your region, or outside the area.

Road Map_CY.jpg

Since mid-June, we have engaged with local communities across the whole of north Powys using the councils libraries to hold open public sessions, with the support of Community Connectors, Powys Community Health and Council, and local Town and Community Councils.


We have also been fortunate to meet and discuss the programme with a number of forums and focus groups including; Learning Disability Forum; Syrian Refugee Families; Ponthafren Association (mental health); Patient Forums; Open Newtown; Staff from Social Services (children and adults) at Powys County Council; Staff from Powys Teaching Health Board; GPs; School Governors at Hafren and Ladywell Green Schools; Adult Learners at NPTC; and many other areas of knowledge and experience of receiving or working with health and wellbeing services. 

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