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The Health and Care Strategy provides the future vision and direction of travel for integrating health and social care services.

It demonstrates the high level of commitment from the Health Board, Powys County Council and its partners to provide one seamless health and care system for Powys residents.


The ten year vision for health and care in Powys is set out in the Health and Care Strategy for Powys which was published in March 2017. It was developed by the Health Board and Powys County Council working in partnership with stakeholders, partners and the public.

It was informed by the Powys Public Service Board Well-being Assessment, the Regional Partnership Board Population Needs Assessment and extensive engagement and research as to what Powys residents and partners have said about health and care in Powys.

The long term vision identified the importance of enabling people to ‘Start Well’, ‘Live Well’ and ‘Age Well’ through focus on well-being, early help and support, the big four health challenges and joined up care.

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The Council and the Health Board have been working together to develop integrated services over the past few years. Glan Irfon is the first Integrated Health and Care Centre, working in partnership with BUPA, this facility provides a range of integrated health and care services. We also have other section 33 arrangements in place for example Reablement, Community Equipment and IT.


There are substantial opportunities for further integration and integrated working between the Health Board and Powys County Council, as well as with the third and business sectors. The feedback from the people of Powys supports this approach as a means of simplifying and improving service users experience across the whole pathway of health and care.

It demonstrates the high level of commitment from the Health Board, Powys County Council and its partners to provide one seamless health and care system for Powys residents.


Integration opportunities also span across the borders of Powys for example; the Mid Wales Health Care Collaborative has been established to address the local needs of the Mid Wales region; this involves making sure health and care services across Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd are effectively joined up to meet population needs.


The challenges of integration are well understood and include:

  • Establishing new forms of governance and operational structures.

  • Aligning performance and planning frameworks of health and social care.

  • Developing capacity in primary and community care for more innovative whole system approaches.

  • Overcoming differences in organisational and professional cultures including terms and conditions.

  • Managing and addressing the financial pressures of both systems.

  • Ensuring local and national political support.


There is a collective ambition to work together to overcome these challenges to gain the benefits of a prudent health and care system - do only what is needed; care for those with the greatest health and care needs first; reduce inappropriate variation; and public and professionals are equal partners through co-production.


Partners who provide services on behalf of the Council or the Health Board play a critical role in health and care provision. The intention is to fully involve people as equal partners. Therefore social enterprises, co-operative organisations, co-operative arrangements, user led and Third Sector options are being considered as part of the plan to promote and deliver care and support, and preventative services. A Social Value Forum has been established and will provide, amongst other forums, opportunities to engage on implementation of the Health and Care Strategy and Joint Area Plan. 


Working differently is not always easy so the development of a culture and approach that supports integrated team working across organisational boundaries and across the full spectrum of need will be essential.

The Regional Partnership Board (RPB) provides an integrated approach to working together with cross sector leadership and a strong shared commitment to providing seamless, integrated health and social care services, to support people to across the life course.

To view our joint Health & Care Strategy for Powys, and other key plans, please visit 

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