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Community Wellbeing Hubs will provide a place where different local partners in a neighbourhood can come together and address the issues that matter most to them.


Community Wellbeing Hubs can provide services for the community, but also by the community.


"Our highest priority is to ensure residents of north Powys have access to the right health and care services at the right time, wherever possible." Carol Shillabeer, Chief Executive PTHB

A core part of individual and community well-being is the feeling of being connected to others and having a meaningful purpose. The rurality of Powys can lend itself to people becoming socially isolated.


Evidence shows there is a clear link between loneliness and poor mental and physical health and that specific interventions such as exercise, group activities and volunteering can reduce social isolation & promote mental well-being. Feeling connected can improve satisfaction with life including greater resilience emotionally and physically.


The Social Service and Well-being Act and The Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales, identifies the need to put people in control by strengthening individual and community involvement through voice and control in health and care, and ensuring all ages and communities have equal opportunities for involvement.


This needs to be supported through a model of care that enables equal relationship between people and professionals and for people to make informed decisions based on the choices available to them.

In Powys there are strong and resilient communities. There are opportunities to build on these strengths to improve future well-being through inter-generational services, which are community and/or statutory led. This includes building on the strength of Third Sector capacity and volunteers, and evaluating areas of good practice such as community connectors and home support services to fully realise the potential benefits across the whole of Powys.

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