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North Powys Wellbeing Programme

Under the Powys Regional Partnership Board (PRPB) we are working together to take forward a once in a generation opportunity to transform services in north Powys.  We have a high level of ambition to improve health and wellbeing services through a new model of care and wellbeing as set out in our Health and Care Strategy which was approved in April 2018.

 In May 2019, the PRPB received £2.5m of funding from the Welsh Government Transformation Fund to invest in new ways of delivering health and social care services within north Powys and support us in taking forward our ambitions.

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The North Powys Wellbeing Programme aims to focus on wellbeing; promote early help and support by being able to provide technology that helps you live at home; tackle the biggest causes of ill health and poor wellbeing; and ensure joined up care involving neighbourhood teams and communities working together so that you have a more seamless service when you need it.

Transforming health & wellbeing

In addition to transforming health and wellbeing services through a new model of care and wellbeing there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a Multi-agency Health and Wellbeing Campus in the heart of Newtown. This could be the first intergenerational campus for Powys, and could include primary education, health, social care and supported accommodation.


The preferred site for the campus is adjacent to Park Street, Newtown. Services currently on the site include the Park Day Centre, Newtown Integrated Family Centre (formerly the Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd building) health services, the library and Ysgol Calon y Dderwen.


On this site, we are planning for a new state of the art hospital (replacing the current facilities at Montgomery County Infirmary and comprising a third Rural Regional Centre for the county) a new school building, a Health and Care Academy, public and academic libraries as well as indoor and outdoor wellbeing space and a small amount of supported accommodation..  


The North Powys Wellbeing Programme is currently at the early visioning and planning phase. A clear vision of how this new model of care and wellbeing could look like at home and in our communities will be shaped by the people of north Powys through co-production; doing with, not doing for. As the programme progresses, we will start to define in more detail what health and care services will be provided from within the campus.


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